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Strategy sprints

Strategy consulting from people with business, startup, and technology backgrounds. We can help develop digital strategies to address opportunities and threats. We can help create organizations and cultures capable of delivering on lofty ambitions.

12 weeks to MVP

We can turn an idea into a minimally viable product in 12 weeks. We'll assemble a team, help define product and technical requirements for your v1, and execute on software development in agile sprints. Our goal is to create a solid foundation for your technology and business.

Performance sprints

Decisions that were adequate for your 10th user might not work for your 10,000th. A performance sprint to deal with bugs can help keep users happy. Multi-sprint projects to adapt your technology's architecture can set up your business for long term growth.

Security sprints

Users expect secure applications. Secure applications start with a culture that values security. We can help by implementing bug bounty programs, conducting audits, and upgrading versions of critical dependencies.

Application development

We can design, plan, and build features for your product. We can embed with your team or work remotely.

Team building

The market for software engineers is tight. We believe there are a lot of suboptimal practices in building engineering teams that we can help address. It just takes some creativity and commitment. For example, we can help build a strong remote culture or develop junior engineers.



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